LifeGate Kansas Vision

LifeGate Kansas Enterprises TM (a pet helping organization** located in Wichita, Kansas),
to Support the Animal Caring Community by

Providing Educational and Resource Information to help pets and their caregivers
We provide information on local Rescues and other Animal Helping Organizations. We share information on helpful products, as well as the dangers of using poisonous products such as Hartz and Sargent Flea Treatment, and the dangers of declawing. We are working on a list of rentals, apartments, and senior living places that accept pets in our local community. Seniors with pets are in vital need of resources on how to provide for their pets especially when they must move from their homes.

Helping Pets And Pet Caregivers In Need
We have helped blind cats and other special needs kitties, mamas and kittens, lost dogs, donated food and other items to caregivers. We helped pet owners pay for urns of their beloved pets. We are the sole provider for a cat owner who lives at a motel  – no local charity helps pet owners in motels.

Finding Ways To Keep Pets Out Of Kill Shelters
thru spay and neuter, helping owners keep their pets or find a rescue who can take them in to find forever homes.

We have transported cats to the KU Mobile Vet Unit for spay and neuter, some stayed to find homes with Cattails Manhattan - two hour drive there and back, but right now we have no car and must find transportation asap
. We donate food and other items to pet owners and find ways to help pay their vet bills.

Advocate For TNR And Support Feral Cat Colonies
We support Friends of Felines and their efforts to approve legislation in Wichita, Kansas to allow Feral Cat Colonies to be TNR'd, fed and cared for!

Supporting Animal Rescues and Animal Caring Organizations,
especially those who help locally thru Networking, Volunteering, Funding, etc.

We network on Facebook, keeping in contact with several rescues and doing what we can to be of help. We donate items such as food, blankets, towels, carriers, kennels, etc. to local rescues. We volunteer with Catz Meow Transport and have signed up with Imagine Home to help transport when a kitty travels thru Kansas. - Right now WE HAVE NO CAR and must rent a car to volunteer.

Build a Life Care Sanctuary,
cats first because of need, where animals have a forever place unless adopted into forever homes.  - We help cats staying with different caregivers, yet we need to find a place to begin the Life Care Sanctuary.

Help Provide Employment for Pet Caregivers in Need by 

obtaining, creating or producing products to sell or have a service that will help LifeGate Kansas especially the Life Care Sanctuary be self-supporting.  Right now we are scrapping metal and selling items to raise funds. One of our clients helps provide for her rent by posting online ads for our scrapping service "We Scrap For Pets." Yet our out of pocket expenses far out way the money coming in. We are looking to publish animal related books, and make products, especially pet related products in the near future.

Will you help us keep our vision alive and growing???

We need your help to keep the vision of LifeGate Kansas growing
- to keep helping pets and their caregivers, to build a Life Care Facility and to find ways to support the cats currently in our care. It costs money to even get incorporated and to file for 501c3 non profit status.

Right now we need your help to raise money for transportation, for daily things like cat food, litter, flea meds, vaccinations, vet check ups. Our oldest kitty who started this blog is in need of Cosequin for her hips. The caregiver at motel that we help has cats with special needs who need frequent vet visits due to asthma and previous surgeries. (without LifeGate Kansas and your previous support these cats and their owner would not have made it.)

How Can You Help the Most???
By donating any amount to

If you would like to help by donating items,
please contact us thru Facebook messenger

to get our phone number and find out what we need
(a wish page will be up furry soon )

or by mail to Kat-Renee Kittel
P. O. Box 771268 Wichita, KS 67277-1268

**(Please Note LGK is not a licensed rescue yet, but a not for profit pet helping organization - we are working toward becoming an incorporated 501c3 which costs hundreds of dollars.)