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Fight Over the Sunny Spot - Prayers For Katie Mom

Dear Friends of the Internets, Chiquita and I are good friends. I got the sunny spot this time. Next time will be Chiqui's turn. 

We need to share something very important. Chiqui and I will never meet our human Dad, although we heard his voice on the phone many times every day. He went home to Heaven on Monday, December 30th in England. Katie the Mom needs your help to buy plane ticket and travel to England and take care of his funeral. Katie Mom and Frank Dad helped us kitties so much and even helped cats and dogs that lived with other human moms and dads... Now that Dad Frank has gone to Heaven, Katie Mom and us kitties will not have any money in January or February... 

Here am the link to helps Katie Mom get to England and help us kitties who loves her furry much.
Please Help Katie Mom Get to England
Purrz and Prayerz,
Miss Peach
Junior Reporter, Katiez Furry Mewz

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