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Photo Fails, Selfies, Rescue Mewz and Silly Content

We interpurrts the regularly scheduled serious news for required silly content photo selfie fails approved by the Laughter Safety Valve Commission. Warning, the following photo fails may not be pictures of cats. They are only somewhat silly, therefore we do not have to show the warning for excessive silliness... However you must be cautious in case of cuteness overload.

This is not a cat...

 This is also not a cat, but may have met a cat. However I did not ask him....
He did mention that he lives with very strange pigs called dogs.

This is not a cat and technically not a dog, but a puppy who won't keep still. He may become a dog later and learn to sit, stay, shake hands, chew up an entire closet of shoes, rescue small boys from wells, or sniff people's bags in airports.

This is a cat, however she is out of sync with the known universe and hence walks very silly in failed selfie photos. Her name is Mindy Lou. Her favorite past times are silly walking, eating and meowing for atte…

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