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Remembering Jazzpurr Our Gentle Giant

(Sharing Jazzpurr's Memorial on Caturday Art to help other pet pawrents make a similar graphic. Instructions at the bottom of the post.)

Remembering Jazzpurr:
Jazzpurr came into my brother's and my life nine years ago when a mama cat came with three kittens to my brother's porch. Those three kitties were Jazzy's brothers and sisters Sammy, Toby and Miri... once these three kids were safe in my brother's home... mama cat Maggie brought three more kittens!

Two white and one black... Jazzpurr, Jordi and Justin. These kids were harder to get into the inside world... had to use traps and poor Jordi, white with one blue eye and one yellow - was full of stickers in his fur and deaf.
They were almost 8 weeks old when they came inside. Jordi started trusting me until brother made the mistake of trapping mama Maggie before we had an appointment to get her spayed. And then when we put feral Mama Maggie in the same room with her three big boys...Jordi and Justin stopped trusting …

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