UPDATE: El Paso Animal Hospital did all they could - they even syringe fed him all weekend. His pancreas stopped functioning and his blood sugar dropped drastically. Jazzpurr the Gentle Giant went OTRB in the middle of the night, 30 September 2019. More details in our next post. -Katie Kat

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(we apologize for missing Remember Me Thursday. and Rosh Hashanah is today.
Our Gentle Giant Jazzpurr is furry sick and may not make it. Please read below after 5 kitty adventure)

Hi it's me Johnny again! Yesterday afternoon, Saturday Sept 28th, five kitties, that is Lucky, Gypsy, a sweet girl needing mammary tumor removed, two little kittens and I traveled to Cattails in Manhattan, KS for our great adventure! Let's see that means Gypsy a year old, me Johnny 8 months old, Lucky 6 months old, then two little girl kittens 8wks and 5wks old. We have a few selfies before our great adventure... takes two and half hours from Wichita to Manhattan, Kansas. Mom am so thankful to a friend in Junction City for coming to pick us up.

Gypsy had help from a rescue lady for a video selfie days before leaving the Wichita Animal Shelter Friday. Gypsy hung out with us in the transport waiting room in her own apartment until the big trip Saturday afternoon.

Laverne Meowling on way to Wichita

The two little kittens, Tortie about 5 wks and Ginger 8 wks, came from El Dorado Kansas Shelter. Auntie Katie and Uncle Mike went to get them yesterday morning. Auntie Katie called the Ginger girl Laverne and Tortie Shirley cause Ginger Kitten am so talkative about everything! Shirley was too shy for her selfie though and she's so cute! Auntie Katie really wanted you to see her. Auntie Katie fed them when they got to her house... LaVerne sure was hungry after all that meowling and stuffs all the way back to Wichita (35min ride).
Lucky Hanging Out

Of course Lucky wouldn't be still long enough fur a goodbye Selfie so he said we could use one of his older ones.

Us bigger kitties will have our surgeries soon, the littlest ones need to get over 3 pounds. Please keep all of us in your purrs, especially Gypsy for her tumor removal, and for all of us to find the bestest moms and dads to love us. Auntie Katie will keep you posted if her gets any updates... Hugz and Cuddlez from Johnny who cuddles every kitty, doggy and person!

Our gentle giant, 9 yr old Jazzpurr is very sick. Last Wednesday, September 25th Jazzpurr, who lives with Uncle Mike, was found lying in the laundry room, having thrown up bile and lost his urine (orange). He could hardly move. We rushed him to El Paso Animal Clinic in Derby, Kansas (no appointment needed) where they did blood work and found his blood sugar was way high, his blood cells were abnormal and infected with Hemobartonella, red blood cell parasite. He was very jaundiced - his liver isn't functioning properly. (btw - no fleas on him - Dr. said hemobartonella can become dormant from previous flea infection).

Clinic has been able to lower his blood sugar and have been treating him with doxycycline for the parasite and IV fluids for dehydration. We have visited him everyday and tried to get him to eat by hand force feeding. After getting an appetite stimulant Friday, I was able to get him to eat more Friday night (still by force feeding) but would hardly eat Saturday morning. The clinic is closed from Saturday noon until Monday morning, although vet techs do check on the animals over the weekend.

But no one else was force feeding him, just putting food on a plate. I asked for hand feeding to be put on his chart and to dry syringe with liquid food supplement. Have no idea if this was tried. I will be calling in the morning to check on him, but I have no transportation to see him until tomorrow at 5pm. He may have to be put under anesthesia for a feeding tube and be treated for Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. We were able to get a loan from Scratch Pay of up to $900 to help save his life - but will need help paying it back. Please consider helping Jazzpurr by paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. Will put an update on this post tomorrow when I have more news. -Katie the Mom

Sunday Selfies Giuletta's Curly Whiskers


  1. We are purraying and sending POTP for Jazzpurr and hope he starts to feel better !

  2. We're purring mega purrs for JazzPurr.

  3. We are so very sorry to hear about dear Jazzpurr and we send our most loving purrs and prayers to that sweetie.

  4. I'm so sorry Jazzpurr is going through such an awful time. I'm also sorry that Gypsy is facing tumor removal. I hope everything works out okay.

  5. We're purring and praying real hard for your sweet Jazzpurr.

  6. Sending some funds and lots of purrs and prayers to you all at this time.

  7. I am praying for your sweet boy. XO

  8. We are so happy that the kitties will be getting help.
    We are also very concerned for dear Jazzpurr. We are sending purrs and prayers and will help out as we can

  9. I'm just heartbroken to hear about Jazzpurr. Love and purrs to all of you...

  10. So sorry, Katie😿Soft Pawkisses to comfort you and your (fur)family🐾😽💞

  11. I am so sorry you lost Jazzpurr, my heart breaks for you at such a sad loss.

    Thank you for the report on the kitties. Good luck in your new home kids.

  12. Spitty and I send you heartfelt purrs and condolences on the loss of your dear kitty.


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