Helping Your Cat Be Safe Part One


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Helping Your Cat Be Safe Part One: Toxins In Your Home and BackYard

We are beginning a very impawtant series about keeping your cat and other pets safe, especially toxins in their environment. According to the Animal Poison Control Website There are four cattygories: Household Plants, People Foods, Household Products and Human Medicines & Cosmetics. Due to urgent emergency newz about saving 45 cats and kittens, this article will be continued at a later date... The following information and more will be further addressed in future posts.

Household Products and Medicines
Dangerous medicines and products: Adderall, Aspirin, breath fresheners, Cigarettes and Nicotine, Grapeseed Oil, Ibuprofen and Naproxen, Kaopectate and Pepto Bismol, Mosquito Repellent (DEET), Tylenol, Nasal decongestants especially Pseudoephedrine.
According to some vets I have spoken with Chlortabs antihistamine can be safe for cats. Many vets do not recommend Immodium although some do. Please Follow your vet's directions.

Items to avoid or check for toxicity: Grout, Many Essential Oils. Use the following with caution: Petroleum Jelly (small amounts only with vet approval). Keep the following out of reach: Bar Soap and face wash, Topical Creams and Ointments.

According to APC Use these with caution, follow labels and keep out of reach!!: Bleach, Carpet Fresheners, Carpet Shampoo (pet carpet cleaning products are available), Toilet Cleaning Tablets, Laundry detergents, FABRIC SHEETS SCENTED OR UNSCENTED both contain cationic ingredients. KEEP ANIMALS AWAY FROM ANTIFREEZE!

According to, Laundry detergents pods are very dangerous “One bite of these concentrated packets of laundry detergent can cause serious, potentially life-threatening injury.” (I know of a cat who was very sick after biting into one of these pods). I use bleach sparingly in the washer only and fragrant free laundry detergent and bottles are kept out of reach in a cabinet. (baby cabinet locks for curious cats are really helpful!)  

Although the APC states that Swiffer Wet Jet and Febreze are safe, I have personal testimony from actual cat owners whose cats may have been fatally affected by Swiffer Wet Jet and I personally do not recommend using Febreze with any asthmatic, sick or sensitive cats or people (I personally get asthma attacks from Febreze). According to, Use Febreze fabric fresheners with caution. Febreze aerosol air fresheners present the same problems to cats as many other brands of air freshener. Glade freshener in cat litter can cause irritation in cats who are sensitive to smells.

Best cleaning alternatives to any of the above around your pets: Vinegar and Water, Enzyme cleaners found in your local pet or natural food store. Citrus products. Natural air fresheners like peppermint tea can be simmered on the stove. Pine litter or cedar chips in your litter box - many farm supply stores carry cheaper than Pet and retail stores. Baking Soda for freshening the carpet or other items. When in doubt use natural products! Please check out your local natural food store. 

For More information: Household Products and Medicines, Why Acetaminophen is Dangerous for your pet, Scents that could Harm Your Pets, and Antifreeze Poisonous to Pet Kidneys

Video previously here did not have home owner's permission

Stormy After Lifesaving surgery
Wichita, Kansas: This home is a caregiver whom I helped raise funds for one of her cats to receive life saving eye surgery -info shared on Facebook.  People had given her so many unfixed cats to foster and then never came back. The caregiver tried to deal with the situation by herself. They were being well cared for and healthy to the best of the caregiver's ability but definitely a need for more boxes. About 3 months ago A/C and SRS were contacted due to complaint by an Uber driver. Before that time I was helping them with their cats and talking to her about getting them rehomed. The caregiver and I met with the A/C officer who came to the home. Due to limited room at the local shelter (and no wish to pts) and the cats being healthy, the officer gave them time to get the cats rescued. I had spoken with the caregivers about changing to pine litter while A/C gave them time to rehome and clean the house. I helped them get in contact with local rescue volunteers who worked fervently to rehome many of the cats.(Although I wish I had been able to be more involved)

On Wednesday evening the 21st, I received a message that the whole family were displaced from their home on Tuesday Aug 20th. Immediate family contacted Wichita Animal Services to have all cats immediately removed on Friday.  At the time of this video many had already been rehomed and fostered in the last 3 months because of KFM’s connections to local rescuers and caring FB friends. When WAAL picked up the cats for Wichita Animal Services two days ago: 10 were kittens. 29 adults were still waiting to be rehomed... the owners were hoping to keep six with family or themselves. The caregivers once able to return to their home hope to keep two to four, including the one who had life giving surgery.

This is an urgent situation and we are asking for your help to save their lives. No matter where you live (closer is better but doesn’t matter if transport is available: contact KFM for resources), if you know or work with your local rescues and sanctuaries, please contact them to help. Rescues and sanctuaries can get in touch with WAAL or Wichita Animal Services to coordinate. Many cats at this home have already been safely transported to sanctuaries as far as Colorado with the help of the Cat Coordinator at Beauties and Beasts Rescue.

If you can, please contact WAAL and donate to them to help local rescues in Wichita save these precious lives. For more info on how you can help, please contact me at laugh_safely at or through Facebook messenger: Kat-Renee Kittel

In lieu of Sunday Selfies from KFM's foster kitties, Katie Ann Kitty Too, Jr CEO and a very special foster friend are helping some of the urgent cats share from the shelter.

Ginger and White boy

Siamese kitties

Beautiful Calico

Possibly Ben, who loves to eat

Beautiful Tortie girl

Purrz and Prayers from
Katie the Mom and
Katie Kitty Too, Jr CEO

Joining Sunday Selfie Blog Hop rather late due to working on helping with rescue of these precious babies. To share KFM Newz, please click on the word "share" to left of the date and title of each post.


  1. Such important information you've shared here, thank you! And mega purrs for those precious babies.

  2. I hope all these kitties can get a forever home.

  3. Oh My Floofy Paws! I cross my paws that the kitties have safe travels and smooth transitions so they get secure furrever homes. Hugs for them all.

  4. We live on another continent, but the homeless cat problems exists here too !
    So far my cats are not interested at all in these dangerous items, Arthur prefers whipped cream ! I wish that all homeless kitties find a forever home soon !

  5. So many in need. How sad that best intensions can be usurped by circumstance. We are so pleased that there are folk able to help these guys, and we pray that none will left wanting for a new home.
    So many dangerous products that humans use, I do think we make a rod for our own back with some of them, and ruining lives not just of our companions but ourselves the planet too.

  6. I sure hope all worked out for those sweet kitties. Excellent blog by the way and we really enjoy you new layout too.

  7. Thanks for all the good information and also for trying to help all those in need.
    "If everyone did a little there would be little to do" Dad

  8. There is a lot here for people. Your advice is just SO sensible.


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