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Furry Good Selfie Mewz Fur Rescued Kitties Johnny and Lucky  

Hiya furry friends of the internets - dis am me, Johnny! I know we hazn't met but I lovez evfurrybody - cats, dogs humans. Me and Lucky are hanging out at Auntie Katiez house til we go on a big adventure to Cattails in Manhattan Kansas to finds our forever people! I sure hope my forever new Mommy has other kitties or puppies to loves cause I want to play and hug them!
Auntie Katie gotz a new phone so she helped Lucky and me take our selfies today - We are still a bit fuzzy cause it was hard for us to stay put when there are so many fun things to do like wrestle and play thundering herd of elephants, yet this new phone (Motorola G7 Power) caught us pretty good.  You can see my cute half  Persian nose! I look fierce but am a big sweetheart and more red brown than orange and I gots a fluffy tail!

We hope to show you some more photos of us before we head out on our new adventure.  I was furry scared and unhappy to miss my first forever Mom, but it wasn't her fault (you can read the story with this tag Rescue Mews Aug 2019) - I know she loves me still and wants the best for me...

We don't know Lucky's story but he sure is a happy boy and I likes him! He wants to wrestle all the time. He is a little smaller than me, but he wins all the wrestle matches! He is half my age and almost as big as me! Lucky am going to be a big boy and loves to play with everyone! In fact he was jumping up to find me  when his second selfie was taken. That's why it looks like he added himself to the photo - zoom! off he went!
Hey Mindy Lou, wanna play?

In the first Selfie, he is saying hello to foster kitty Mindy Lou who is hanging out in her kennel under the blankie. 

Time to go! ZOOM!
Lucky and Me were going to head off to our mew adventure yesfurday but the ride gotted canceled.  Hopefully we will be going on our trip to a new life next weekend, which includes something called getting fixed at the KU Mobile Vet Unit... I hopes that fixing thing calms Lucky down a bit! MOL... 
Purrz from Johnny and Auntie Katie Kat

Update Mewz on Save Your Shot Campaign
- Thanks to so many people sharing the petition. To Prevent the planned end to National Geographic's Your Shot community has reached over 5,600!! 10,000,000 photos posted by volunteer photographers from all over the world should remain accessible to public view. Your shot belongs to all of us. Other parts of National Geographic will shut down as well - wallpaper downloads and Jigsaw puzzles. I first found National Geographic Your Shot through the wallpaper and jigsaw puzzle pages - such a wonderful community of photographers that Instagram cannot replace. Many animal photographers have used Your Shot as a way to help save lives and show the need for change in our communities.  If you haven't done so already, please check out my photo page, check out my favorites, see the photos uploaded today. there is so much to explore here before it is too late on October 31st: Cats of Your Shot

and Save Your Shot Photos


  1. Nice to meet you both, Lucky and Johnny. You sure look like you having a fun time with Auntie Katie, and will be all set for an even bigger adventure next week!
    Wishing you and your auntie a very good, fun filled and happy week and life to come.
    lots of purrs to you all, and so nice to meet

  2. They sure are brightly colored cats. Lucky is still a kitten so he will be a handful for awhile yet. I can't wait to hear that you are in your forever homes.

  3. You did good with your pictures! It must be SO hard getting kitten to stay still long enough but well done for trying.

    I can't believe the National Geographic people. Huh We want our images!!!!!


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