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We interpurrts the regularly scheduled serious news for required silly content photo selfie fails approved by the Laughter Safety Valve Commission. Warning, the following photo fails may not be pictures of cats. They are only somewhat silly, therefore we do not have to show the warning for excessive silliness... However you must be cautious in case of cuteness overload.
This is not a cat...

 This is also not a cat, but may have met a cat. However I did not ask him....
He did mention that he lives with very strange pigs called dogs.


This is not a cat and technically not a dog, but a puppy who won't keep still. He may become a dog later and learn to sit, stay, shake hands, chew up an entire closet of shoes, rescue small boys from wells, or sniff people's bags in airports.

This is a cat, however she is out of sync with the known universe and hence walks very silly in failed selfie photos. Her name is Mindy Lou. Her favorite past times are silly walking, eating and meowing for attention. She is a foster cat looking for a home. Besides being able to time slip, Mindy Lou has a drippy nose and needs blood work to check for allergies and whether she needs a tooth pulled.
Mindy is not as silly when sitting down
We hope it is only allergies which will just require a monthly prednisone shot. If you can help fund her blood work and shots please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

We heard that today is Ginger appreciation day. Mindy Lou is not very ginger, however an unfocused litter of silly kittens certainly are (found forever homes through a local rescue last year ).

Purrz from Angel Jr Repurrter (and Jr CEO - Certified Eccentric and Ornery)

For more information on how you can get the silly seal of approval from the LSVC, please visit your local office of the Ministry of Silly Walks. They will walk you to the LSVC department which is sometimes mistaken for the Ministry of Defense as the signs were mixed up
by Mister Bean and the current administration ran out of grant money to change the signs.


All the kittens were kept at Wichita Animal Action League, hopefully with the mother. 23 of the adult cats were transferred to the Kansas Humane Society, including Stormy (aka the new cute name of Willy) the young cat that I helped raise the funds for his life saving surgery. To donate to help these rescued cats, please see the links to WAAL and KHS or check out their Facebook pages. Willy (Stormy) may have been adopted already. Although I am very thankful that KHS chose to save so many, especially Stormy (they have been very picky in the past about taking cats with eye problems), the sad situation is that the family was going to reclaim Stormy and at least one other cat and their dog. The dog and Stormy were the family's young son's pets and he was promised that his pets would be safe until he was back with his parents after foster care. However the judge in their case hated cats and may have ordered the family to not have any pets at all if they wanted their son back (and yes the judge said he hated cats and wanted them all gone in court).
ID's of the cats still in danger as of last weekend.
There were at last count 13 cats still in danger at the Wichita Animal Shelter last weekend. A friend of mine adopted two (A120402 and A120385 will show pics later), leaving a handful left to be rescued. The sad thing is 3 of those 13 tested positive for Leukemia and may not make it out of the shelter alive. Please continue to keep the sweet souls in your prayers. The caregiver did her best and rescuers in the past three months worked hard to help her. I will keep KFM Newz updated when we have more information. 

Purrz and Kitty Hugz, Kat-Renee aka Katie the Mom.


  1. We love those fun pics. It is easy to really dislike a judge who hates cats, idiot. Prayers for all of those dear souls.

    1. Thanks Brian for stopping by... fraid the whole situation had me depressed last week. I am praying for those left in the shelter that rescues will come to save them... <3

  2. Cute photo fails. I hope Mindy will be OK. My Polar Bear has the worst sneezes, he has feline herpes.

    1. oh i didn't think of that might be herpes related! I will get her some lysine and see what happens. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Some good news for the cats eh? Still some need saving. Are there any FIV shelters we can contact to see if they can take them in?

    That bastard judge needs a slap in the face (sorry I am tired of being so nice to evil people). Evil piece of......

    LOVE the funnies BTW and the photo fail. You are doing really well with the blog. AWESOME.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ooops, made a hash of my comment before – too much nip! Anyways I wanted to say I loved your Photo fails this month, and such delightful not cats too. So many ginger kittens! I wonder what the collective term is for that – Chaos, I guess, MOL. As for that judge, well I dare say he should be sacked, as it is not for him to express likes or dislikes in any matter as that is bias. He clearly isnt fit. Lots of purrs to all the cats and kittens and dogs in need.

  6. Such delightful photos! Sending prayers that all the kitties in need will find their furrever homes. I must say I don't trust anyone that doesn't love animals, especially someone in such a position as that judge. Shameful.

  7. Beautiful photo fails! Bad ol' judge!

  8. Thanks for the fun photos and we love the little gingers. Such good news they have homes. Sorry for those rescue with FeLV and that judge should be off the bench. If he feels like that about a small feline how can he ever be impartial about anything


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